The Last Straw

Twists & Turns of Phrase The last straw or final straw is a problem or annoyance that on its own would be a trifling matter,…

Open a Can of Worms

A person who opens a can of worms tries to solve a problem, but in doing so creates a lot of new unanticipated complications.

For some reason I always see the image of the snake-in-a-can gag whenever I hear this turn of phrase, but this is clearly just my unusual brain at work. So I wonder just where this saying does come from…

Sell Like Hotcakes

When something sells like hotcakes it sells quickly and in large quantities.

I like a hotcake as much as the next person, but do they really sell that well? Yes, they do, or at least they did at county fairs in the 1800s…

Look a Gift Horse in the Mouth

To look a gift horse in the mouth is to fail to appreciate the generosity someone has shown you.

Now as a city girl, I’ve never received a horse, and if I did I’m pretty sure looking in its mouth wouldn’t be my first impulse. So who would look a gift horse in the mouth?