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Rebuses, Record-Breaking Words, and Word Avoidance

Procrastination Station You may have noticed that I haven’t been posting quite as often the last little while. It has been awfully busy in WordBlogland the past couple of months, but I suspect there may have been a teensy bit … Continue reading

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A Big Vocabulary Helps You Dodge Your Responsibilities

Vest-Pocket Vocabulary Since so many of you will be toiling away on your entries for the Vest-Pocket Challenge, I thought I’d take this opportunity to demonstrate the value of vocabulary. For example you might explain to your boss that you … Continue reading

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Hyphenated Compound Adjectives

Sometimes you just need a hyphen. You really do. Here’s proof: He was a big-city worker, a cold-case officer with slicked-back hair. is very different from He was a big city worker, a cold case officer with slicked back hair. … Continue reading

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The Internet and Your Spelling: A Guide

Guest Post Today’s guest post is brought to you by Stephanie. You can find her over at theoldyoungadult.blogspot.com. This is her first flowchart. Be nice. Have you ever been frustrated by the lack of proper spelling and grammar on the Internet? … Continue reading

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The Impotence of Proofreading

Some of you may have seen this very impressive performance before, but it is so extremely funny that I doubt you will mind watching it again. And that is a very good thing since I’m too under the weather today … Continue reading

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How's That New Book Treating You?

I’m reading A Short History of the Printed Word, and it’s reminded me of what an amazing technology books are. You might hear a little more about the book when I’ve finished reading it, but in the meantime I thought … Continue reading

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