Wait vs. Weight

Lexical Vexations

This lexical vexation is for Colette, who understands the weighty responsibility of using wait and weight correctly.

wait 1. v . to remain somewhere in anticipation of an event, to employ (varying degrees of) patience in anticipation of an event. 2. n. the duration of time that must elapse before an event takes place.

weight 1. n. a force created by an object’s gravitational attraction to Earth, measured in a variety of standard units such as grams, ounces, pounds. 2. n. an object designed to weigh a specific amount.

Words in the Wild: Ewa was waiting for the bus and could see by the lineup that she had a long wait ahead of her. It was going to feel even longer since she’d nearly doubled her weight by loading her backpack with the free weights she’d bought at the fitness store.

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