10 Gifts for Verbivores

Art for Word Lovers

The Ideal Bookshelf is an ongoing project by artist Jane Mount. She says, “We show off our books on shelves like merit badges (the ones not on our Kindle, at least), because we’re proud of the ideas we’ve ingested to make us who we are, as we should be. The spine of a book, as I paint it—only a few inches tall and with slightly wobbly text—is a sort of code for the giant cloud of ideas the author included within it. Just ten of them together on a sheet of paper tells the story of the mind that picked them in a way that is easily digestible but allows for endless study.”


This Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea poster is created using the first 8 chapters of the book. Find posters for other classics of literature at the PosterText website.

Accessories for Word Lovers

Bibliophiles, don’t fret! All of these purses are made from damaged or discarded books, 90% were being thrown out by libraries. All care is taken to never use valuable or rare books. Have a favorite book that is falling apart? Send it to Rebound Designs and they will turn it into a one of a kind purse or wallet for you!

This bag is hand made from two volumes of the United States Code Annoted, taking around 7 hours to make! It has a maroon faux leather trim & a black microsuede lining with pocket. Check out other designs at the BookBags website

DIY Gifts for Word Lovers

Make your own wordy wreathes from the pages of discarded books! Lindsay can show you how at her blog, Living with Lindsay.

A shelf that floats on air? Learn how to make one at the Instructables website.

Photo by P5ychoP3nguin

Games for Word Lovers

Take turns adding letters to a teetering tower of words. Go for longer words – upward, downward, or sideways – to score more points. But watch out…the next letter may cause gravity to kick in and a Konexi collapse!

WordJong features simple engrossing gameplay: Use a set of lettered tiles to create words, clearing the board as you use them. Aim for high-scoring words, earn bonus tiles, and work to clear the board with no leftover letters

Books for Word Lovers

Ever wanted to be a character in a classic book? Well, here’s you chance with Personalized Classics.
Substitute the name of the leading character with your name, and create your own cast list – choose yourself, family and friends to play 6 leading characters

The Book Lovers’ Borrow Book consists of a bound set of bookmarks with stubs. Slip a bookmark, with your name added, in each book you lend someone, then write their name on the stub. It reminds them to return your book and gives you a record of borrowings. Very clever.

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