Roundup: The Future of Reading

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Though some bibliophiles are threatened by the advent of the digital book, I can’t help but love books in all their forms. There are times when I’d rather jump on the subway with a paperback, but there are also times I’m grateful not to have to put down a 2-pound copy of The Count of Monte Cristo just because my bedtime arms have gotten too lazy to keep holding it up.

This roundup is an ecclectic mix of how the digital is changing how and what we read, the environmental impact of digital ereaders, the future form of literature and more. Have any thoughts on the future of reading? Let us know in the comments.

The Evolution and Future of Ereaders

Five Books on Electronic Literature

The Environmental Impact of Ereaders

The Future of Paper Books…and E-readers

Can the Internet Save the Book?

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2 Responses to Roundup: The Future of Reading

  1. Heather says:

    True enough. I’ll always have my absolute favourites in hard copy, too. But I’m getting more comfortable with having a collection of books in the virtual ether. I’ve been slowly whittling my physical book collection until it’s really just the books I can’t live without and my library of reference works. One thing I do miss is just passing my eyes over the spines of my books and remembering what’s inside and where I was when I read them. The thumbnail covers in places like Goodreads have compensated for that for the most part, though.

  2. Stephanie says:

    First things first: I laughed at “bedtime arms.” Second things second: I like the idea of ebooks and really like the idea of owning an ereader, but can’t quite accept owning a book ONLY in digital form. I think I’d end up buying the ones I really liked in hard copy, which would kind of drain my bank account. Dilemma!

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