Guest Post Roundup

It’s April, it’s gorgeous out, and I suddenly have oodles of time on my hands. Outside of my usual work, I spent a lot of March copyediting a good friend’s fascinating manuscript (what will be her first published book!). And my next publishing course, Publishing in the Electronic Age, doesn’t begin for a whole month.

So I have a month of weekends stretching before me, and you can expect to see some fun things cropping up on the Word Blog. There’ll be hyphens, an overdue book report on Proust and the Squid, a couple of lexical vexations, and of course more Vest-Pocket vocabulary.

And *insert drumroll here* you’ll want to keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming announcement of the Word Blog’s first ever contest to celebrate a year on the interwebs!

In the meantime, I owe a debt of gratitude to the fine guest bloggers who kept you entertained while I was holed up in my study. My sincerest thanks go out to:

Martin, who gave us a peek behind the scenes of internet word production in The Materiality of Digital Words.

Anna, who told us what she really thinks about one of the more useless words in English in her Biweekly Rant.

And Stephanie, who guided us safely through internet orthography in her hilarious flowchart: The Internet and Your Spelling.

Thank you, kind guests, and thank you, dear readers!

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