Censer vs. Censor vs. Censure vs. Sensor

Lexical Vexations

censer n. a container in which incense is burned.

censor n. one who decides which cultural products are fit for consumption and which ought to be altered or banned; v. to ban cultural products.

censure n. disapproval; an official reprimand.

sensor n. a device designed to detect a specific stimulus or stimuli.

Words in the Wild: The sensor picked up  the sound of the students returning to the common room and the whispered conversation passing between them. “Ack! I forgot my copy of The Amber Spyglass in the chapel and brought this censer back here by mistake,” said Martin. “Uh-oh,” Garnet replied, “that book’s been censored! You’d better go make the switch before you’re censured by the headmaster.”

The contributor of the photo of the frowning man is rutty. The photo is copyrighted but also licenced for further reuse.

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